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(no subject)

1. Good on the US with elections, yesterday. Opinions seem mixed. Maybe more women should run. Maybe more minorities. Or maybe just more people should run. Dems are a mess, but it's nice to see a #resitance wave.

2. Re: the Texas church mass-shooting: Trump says mental health is a problem at the highest level. He's the example of mental health issues at the highest level. (Dear NSA: I hope this joke doesn't make me unwelcome in the US. I love your country and people.)

3. C brought Ella in for a check-up and her mobility is better! She's more reactive and the original vet and the second one (who suggested we had a week to decide on her quality of life) agreed she seems better. Then the vet saving the blood work to December... which means they think our dog is going to live over a month! I kinda sobbed on the phone in relief. I am not proud. Poor little Ella Muffin.

4. I saw my shrink where I listed at least 6 things I'm neurotic about (dog, car, money, flood insurance/repair, family). He says I'm good because I'm not phrasing things better that the way I used to. I'm less self-blaming and self-effacing. However, THERE ARE 6 THINGS I AM NEUROTIC ABOUT.

5. When I read in bed, I'd hear this random hissing sound. I thought it was my air conditioner leaking or settling as it gets colder. After weeks of this random sound I realized it stops when I stopped breathing. That's right, it's me that's leaking or settling as it gets colder. I better see a doctor. Could be heartburn. Or asthma. My dad has COPD. Honestly? I suspect I'm allergic to Oliver. And I'm snoring myself awake. So, 7 things.

6. When I say "read in bed", I mean "play solitaire-like games on my ipad until I fall asleep", because I can't read. I have to hold things at arms-length to focus, and then the text is too small. Plus, my eyes burn (see 5. about allergy to Oliver and general tiredness from apnea). I need glasses. Sigh. See 4 about money. So, 8 things.

7. Peaky Blinders is a gorgeous show filled with talent, but mired by a ridiculous name.

8. I miss you. All of you. Things are the same, but everything's changed, and I feel the distance.

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Number 8 - yeah. I miss the heyday of LJ too. Seems it's not really replicated anywhere else.

1. I'm not thinking too much about the elections; don't want to get my hopes up. It's nice to hear, though & to know my friend in NJ will have a governor who's not Chris Christie.

2. Someone theorized Drumpf has untreated syphilis:
Maybe read this out of bed since the things w/your eyes? Or get glasses for farsightedness? Sounds like one of my reading problems.

I jumped ahead. Anyway:
3. Good news about Ella!

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