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Favourite cover songs

Best of Sacramentalist, 2004-11-29 (with a few edits):

Here is a list of my ten favourite cover songs.

Of course, there were a bunch of rules. There always are.
1. Must prefer cover to the original
2. The original song must be reasonably well known
3. Nothing by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, because that is too easy
4. Nothing that would be considered a standard. No Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, etc.

1. Hurt - Johnny Cash

Hurt takes a slow-paced (and annoying) song about drug abuse, and turns it into HIS song. His swansong. Extra points for the video.

2. One - Johnny Cash

I hated U2's original. I hated it quite a lot. But Cash's interpretation made me actually LISTEN to the song, and when I let it in, it broke my heart.

3. My Favourite Things - John Coltrane

Yes, it's Jazz. And it's a standard. So there.

4. Crazy Mary - Pearl Jam

I could not care less about Pearl Jam, but this cover of a Victoria Williams song is wonderful. It plods, then soars, and has a frustating syncopated lyric. I think I'm cheating, because nobody knows Victoria Williams. I certainly didn't until this song showed up on a tribute album of her work. She sings backup in it too.

5. Take me to the River - Talking Heads

I want to get into Al Green. Too bad this song reminds people of singing fish heads. But that was very effectively used in Season 3 of The Sopranos.

6. Dear Prudence - Siouxsie and the Banshees

Serious. This as their song.

7. Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm

This is a great catchy tune. I wish Jackson didn't write it.

8. Tour De France - Kraftwerk

I hated their original song. This recent remix/cover is great.

9. Hallelujah - John Cale

THIS is the definitive version of the song. Who are these Rufus Wainright, and Jeff Buckley characters, anyway? Okay, okay. They all have great covers, but that just shows how wonderful the original song is, eh?

10. Oops, I Did it Again - Richard Thompson

I didn't know this existed until (the day of the list-making) while I was googling for cover tunes. Sweet Jesus it's great!

Honourable Mentions:

Only You - The Flying Pickets

This a capella band takes on a Casio CZ-101 and wins. Blows it up the Yazoo, if you will.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia - Pump

The devil should be playing an accordion.

Kiss - The Art of Noise

Think I better dance, now...

This Wheel's on Fire

Not obscure, but probably not well-known enough, but it means a lot to me

Song to the Siren - This Mortal Coil

Same as This Wheel's on Fire. Anyone who counts know it. Hahaha!

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This is a great idea, and a great list.

I have so much trouble pinning down favorite songs. Good list.

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