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(no subject)

Do you know what your triggers are? I mean, what sets you off irrationally. I know some people get violent about some things but don't acknowledge the irrational aspect of it. They're creative enough to justify their outrage over a slight. I lack that skill.

What ticks me off is when an underling will say they were talking to my boss about something I asked them to do.

"We need this done by Monday."
"Should be Tuesday, as (owner) and I were talking about it last night. But, whatever."
Then I forward (owner)'s email saying it's Monday.

I know I get my back up way too high. But both the dismissive response and the threat of being out of the loop gets me very pissy.

Do you have any obvious trigger points?


Another: Calling me with the greeting "where are you?" which used to have soooo many meanings in my previous relationship

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Just hearing anyone tell me I “need to” is a trigger. Also when people not only lie but they know I know they are lieing and the still lie. I get irrationally angry about it.

Yeah. I used to cringe to "You hafta!" "I don't HAFTA do anything!"

Exactly the point "hafta" GAH!!!!

My employees taking two calls in a row and complaining it's busy. I suspect they're trolling me.

The two workplace things that set me off most are:

1. When someone responds to an email without fully reading my question. It forces me to spend so much unnecessary time trying to rephrase the exact same question without sounding condescending - which is legitimately annoying, but I get irrationally angry about it (which wastes more time).

2. When I get pulled in to a project part way through when the team realizes they need my expertise, but I haven't been included since the beginning so I have to play catch up. This is mostly because I have a chip on my shoulder over the fact that I'm functionally more critical than my title suggests and I used to be excluded by newer people who didn't know who I was. It hasn't been an issue for a while because other departments have figured it out though, and now I'm getting automatically sucked into so many projects that one of my professional 2018 goals is to figure out a way to NOT get added to projects until demand really requires, which means one of my personal goals is going to have to be figuring out how to do that without getting irrationally angry about the consequences of getting pulled in later. So that's been on my mind.

The techs have a recent complaint where they leave a detailed VM and the customer calls back later "you called me??? What was it about?"

i hate when white people use black slang. That drives me insane.

fo shizzle.

Yeah, I feel pretty bad.

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Mine is anyone speaking admiringly of a woman who is both short and super-slim (although that sets me off in a different way -- a tailspin of insecurity).

Anger triggers? Probably any suggestion that I'm too argumentative, or that I'm selfish. Because I suspect both are true. I get very defensive and angry.

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