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(no subject)

Holding her close I consider how nice this moment is. That everything that has happened in my life has lead to this moment. Every decision she and I have made have lead to this.

Then I think, would I be the same person if I was born at a different time? Would I be a dove or a hawk during WW2? You know everyone likes to think they would have been the one to try to stop the Holocaust, yet do nothing to stop the oh so many atrocities in the world. Would I have the customs/racism of someone at that time? There's no way to tell, as I'd be a different person. So at what point am I a different person? Born from my parents, I assume.

But what if I was born a week earlier, or a week later. Would I be the same? Probably not. The adventure would have started different. Would that guy be a better or worse person? Sadly, no one would miss me because there WAS a Paul Steven Perrault born. Or maybe the other me would have a different name. A week earlier, my grandparents would have held it at Paul. A week later, my mother might have have dug in more and called me Michael. Does my name make me? What makes me me? How close in time do these ersatz Paul/Steve/Mikes need to be born at the same time as me to be me? It's impossible. So narrow that to just the moments before and after I was actually born, the limit me, do I even actually exist?

"What are you thinking about?"


"Aw. That's sweet."