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(no subject)

Also, I think the testosterone is working. I'm not losing weight, but that's probably diet. I need to exercise. My treadmill is in a construction zone. And I don't have any shirts I can wear while exercising in public.

However, my prescription is almost over and I gotta figure out how to renew it. Waiting on hold to make an appointment to see my doc is a PITA.

It's a controlled substance, so I don't think the pharmacist can request it, and I needed to use a written prescription (and not the fancy electronic method). But I may have to go that route. Or I'll have to start all over again. Plus, I'm late on my blood work. Time is just flying.

It's all my fault.


They started on the drywall in my basement. I still need to work on my items claim. I don't remember the value of anything.

Also, I am still bothered there are people in my home right now. The cats have been fine in my bedroom. They spend most of their time sleeping on my bed, anyway. The first day, it took hours for Oliver to come out from under the bed. Yesterday, they both pushed out as soon as I opened the door.


Puppers is still alive. She's walking a little better. Turns out she has Cushings Syndrome (too much cortisol). She's had the symptoms for years, except not the big belly. She's been doing ok on the treatment. She's eating more and having fewer accidents (Cushings makes dogs drink a lot). So, good?


Finally talked to doctor. Well, the receptionist. She thinks it won't be a problem to renew the testosterone. I almost cried on the phone. What's wrong with me? The other day, there was a news article about the Orangeville 3 year old boy who was washed away from his mom's hands during the February flood and they just found his body. It was just a fact from the news reader. No reporting. And yet I'm sobbing in my car. Where's my objective detachment? I'm turning into a doughy softie. Fucking feelings and shit.

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Until the treadmill is available, take regular walks? A go or two around the block would be far less stressful than going to a gym. No particular shirts required either.

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