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(no subject)

I'm having recall issues. I hope I'm not forgetting. I mean, there's a lot of shit in there, but it's not coming out at will. For instance, I can't remember that delicious cylinder-shaped mollusc. Not abalone, the other one. I can google it, but that's not the point. My brain won't release it.

I'm not tired, or distracted. Well, I'm always tired and distracted but today isn't notable.


I went crazy and looked it up. Scallops. But now I'm worried because even after I saw the word, it didn't feel right. I was thinking there was an O in there and a D. I dunno, it's really bothering me.

If I ever forget you: remember how much I loved you.

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I have the same problem a lot too. One of the fun symptoms of hypothyroidism for me though. Can get exhausting and quite upsetting some times when I know the info's there, and my brain won't release it.

Maybe your mind was trying to combine Scallops & Scalloped Potatoes?

It was! Well, I was thinking of fondant potatoes (which look like scallops), which is where the O and D come from. I had to look that up too.

I going to blame culinary jargon:

Scalloped potatoes? No bivalves. Fondant potatoes? No chewy cake icing.
French fries? Belgian.

The potato is a lie

The joy of getting older is the "filling cabinet" has accumulated so much stuff over the years, it takes awhile to find what you're looking for.

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