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(no subject)

Ever miss your twenties? Talk to a 20-something.

"Steve. It's been a while since I've seen you and I guess you heard I'm dating a woman with a kid. I'm not really into it, but listen to me. She has NFL Network so I can watch any Rams game I want. And I can pause and replay. And she's on assistance and expects me to help her raise my kid. I met her through my cousin who said she wanted something casual. Then the first time I meet her kid, he's in his bedroom screaming and she goes 'I need you to talk to him. I gotta get out of here' and leaves the house! So I offered him some Butterfingers because when I was a kid, a Butterfinger made me feel better. But he just THREW THEM AT ME. So I guess that doesn't work. I'm 26, she's 25 and the kid is 6 and I don't need this. My cousin is in shit with me because she definitely wants someone to help her raise her kid and I shouldn't be in this. But, the NFL season just started. And it's $300 and I think she got the service for me."

"Dude. I'm totally going to blog this."

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rule #1: never, EVER, get involved with a woman who has a kid.

Meh. I can understand the sentiment and in the long run, my first marriage didn't work out, I can't regret it.

Mind you, she had a decent job and would have never make me the disciplinarian.

I told guy that's not cool. And if that's not what he wants, he shouldn't string her along. And not ghost her, because that's totally he'd do. But there's 13 more weeks of football or some shit.

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