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I had to get blood work this morning. Went before breakfast because they always ask me if I've fasted and I'm never told I need to fast before hand. Anyway, the blood taker was miserable and busy, but did a good job. I didn't feel it at all and she filled 5 vials in no time. Most of the time, it feels like they use a square needle.

Then, Tim Hortons was too busy to get something to eat on the way to work. So, now I'm hangry. And there's mint Girl Guide cookies on the kitchen table and I am not buying any. Nope! Argh!

Got a demo of the phone alert system last night. EC threw a tornado warning because they considered the storm serious enough to warrant it. After Ottawa last week, people are more alert. Luckily, there was no tornado. TBH, I wouldn't be too upset if a Tornado killed me. It'd spare me having to complete my insurance claim I keep stalling. Y'all would miss me for a day or two. Remember me kindly. I've always loved you.

However, the only thing I will die of today, is starvation, and I might have to go a few more hours for that.

Blood work is to test if the depo has changed anything. I don't feel different. My energy level seems fine. Am I depressed? fuck, yes! I've stopped gaining weight.

Back in my 20's I had to take depo shots. It had a dramatic effect: Felt like I drank a pot of coffee. Oh, and these sudden images of bending random women over to roger them. I know it's a bad time to opine on male sexuality, but there you go.
Women got much prettier and boobs. I remember commenting to a friend "Holy shit! I was a prig as a teen but thought I had a sex drive. I didn't realize what actual puberty lust felt like. Is this how all men feel?" My friend: "Oh, that's not because you're a man. It's because you're French!"

TL;DR, I'm horny and hungry.

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What's depo? I presuming it's not the women's birth control shot depo provera.

Depotestosterone. I think the depo means slow.

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