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(no subject)

Do you know what your triggers are? I mean, what sets you off irrationally. I know some people get violent about some things but don't acknowledge the irrational aspect of it. They're creative enough to justify their outrage over a slight. I lack that skill.

What ticks me off is when an underling will say they were talking to my boss about something I asked them to do.

"We need this done by Monday."
"Should be Tuesday, as (owner) and I were talking about it last night. But, whatever."
Then I forward (owner)'s email saying it's Monday.

I know I get my back up way too high. But both the dismissive response and the threat of being out of the loop gets me very pissy.

Do you have any obvious trigger points?


Another: Calling me with the greeting "where are you?" which used to have soooo many meanings in my previous relationship