February 7th, 2019


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I have a distracting hatred of The Today Show. It's a Hatha-hate bitch-eating-crackers anger.
I forget about it until I'm switching channels while eating breakfast and my hackles go up. I just figured I was a snob and remind myself that viewers don't want news. I've ignored it for years, as it seemed harmless yet banal. But having that Covington kid on just put me over the edge, and I've started snarking them on Twitter. #todayshow recently paid $69mil to get rid of a white nationalist and just gave air time to the next generation. Dr Oz is a snake oil salesman, and every damn last one of them is complicit to everything that's wrong with America.

It's so easy to hate them. Yesterday, they posted a Reagan quote about being being good and what is right will prevail. I said kicking vets to the curb was never right.

I'm really upset by this, but I hope it passes, soon.


Oh, I don't think it'll pass. I was just searching my twitter feed for things I've said about the Today, I was complaining about them before Nick Sandemann:

"Dear @todayshow. Why are you having Donald Rumsfeld on your show? Why aren't you asking him why he's not in jail? Disgusting."