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Well-Tempered Hyperbole

10 January 1970
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We must respect the other fellow’s religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart. H. L. Mencken


A recovering Catholic, I would be an iconoclast if it didn't require effort. I am an anglophone male of french canadian descent.

I use words like "iconoclast" because it makes me sound smarterer.

Being married to a scientist (since 2011) also makes me sound smarterer.

Us in our restaurant

I'm a middle-manager (pointy-haired boss) for a large regional ISP in southwestern Ontario. What do I do? I HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS, dammit!

My two favourite novels are: Joseph Heller's Catch-22 and Graham Swift's Waterland.

Elvis Costello is a musical God

'2001: A Space Odyssey' is the best film, ever.

My bowling average is 152 and steady.

I like my coffee like I like my women: bitter.

On puns: Puns are like farts -- they hurt when you hold them in, so just let them out and hope they do as little damage as possible.

I was married to an Elton John fan. I understand sacrifices.

What the critics say about me

beg_jon13 -- Hep, king of my friends page
bertine -- Fun! MORE!
bodacia -- kitteny, ansty, and mushy
clevortrevor -- it makes me feel like i kinda know you! punny and icony
ctakahara -- Readable and entertaining? I don't know. Sure!
dancingleaf -- words in coherent amusing arrangements (mostly)
dg76 -- fun
emkachan -- woot!
eviltechmonkey -- Enlightening
freydis -- Awesome! Tim Horton on Crack!
huckfinn -- An easy read
idioticpoet -- an interesting sequence of sentences.
immemor -- A Canadian goodwill ambassador. Winning hearts and minds
jediwarrior -- Very entertaining.
jencottrell -- Entertaining and Intelligent
jenmcd -- not enough kittehs
jonthedull -- Like a warm cup of coffee. Sexy emo cat food porn photos for philosophers
mandydax -- A place to pimp myself as a Comment Whore. Banana creme pie and a chocolate shake
monkeypuncher -- Pendulum
monkeytonic -- that guy in canada who is pretty awesome.
morgyne -- fun
mykirulz -- Effervescent
non_fiction -- FUCKIN AWESOME
nuala -- Any excuse for escapist voyeurism...
polyranger -- Canadian
quellybelly -- Angsty, mushy pussy
quickly_9 -- Poll-y, with adjectives
rachel_bartlett -- Glorious and inspiring! Canadian!
sacramentalist -- Solipsistic
scotia_girl -- silly kitten and/or girlfriend mush, duh.
shereenb -- Entertaining, thought-provoking lewdity. With cats
the_fuzzy_bunny -- I love it.
tubenerd -- interesting

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